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I had the pleasure to have an interview about WormHoleDeath records with the owner itself, Carlo Bellotti.


Hi Carlo, first I want to thank you accepting answering this interview, how things are going?
Hello Carla. No problem, my pleasure! All in all things are going very well here. Thanx!

First of all, I want you to tell me a small history of WormHoleDeath Records, when did you ”gave birth’’ to this label.
WormHoleDeath was conceived when I asked Emiliano Lanzoni (Aural Music Group) if he could meet me at lunch half way (Imola – Firenze) cause I wanted to talk to him about my idea. He said yes, let’s meet up. I wanted my label to be under a bigger mother company/network to start the work in a very effective way since the beginning. I like Emiliano as a person and Aural Music Group as a company (not to mention the great job done by him with Code666) so I met Emiliano during 2006 and he said that he wanted my label to belong to his group. We made a deal and I started my work. By the end of 2007 (31st December 2007) we announced the beginning of WormHoleDeath. After so many years I am still happy and proud of what we have done together with Aural. I couldn’t be happier actually.

Which were the first bands that have signed a deal with the label?
We signed Onsetcold from England and Lifend from Italy. Both bands are no longer active unfortunately cause they made 2 absolutely amazing albums for us. I am grateful to these guys which wanted to give us their records for release. Afterwards we signed Mechanical God Creation and The Way Of Purity which pushed our label to the next level. With the releases of these 2 bands (respectively CELLXIII and CROSSCORE) we turned from an unknown entity to a more international brand. Both these bands are still with us and I will never let them go unless they do not sign on a bigger label.

Some bands are no longer active or simply did not re-newed the contract with WHD, since last year I see new bands signed: Words That Burn, Lamori, Excruciation, Dark Oath, Norhod, Selfmachine and Shadowdream re-signed with the label, this is a positive thing regarding the label having new bands.
Bands split up, change label etc. I mean, this is part of our job so what can I say. Instead when a band is truly active and dead serious we ask them to release their new efforts with us again, if they are happy with our work. Most of the bands re-signed with us ,signing for a second album is even more exciting than signing for the first time.

Since the label’s existence there are more than 80 releases and the number continues to grow…
Our catalougue is actually at release number 115 if you include the EP’s, distribution and digital releases. Some releases have been removed from the catalogue when our licensing rights expired. We release an average of 12 albums per year, but we do not release one per month. We prefer to release batches of 2-3 albums per time. Is more effective for such a small company like we are.

Aswell, in 2010 there was produced and released a film. What can you tell me about it?
Well, the idea came up when I met Susi Medusa Gottardi and Steve Drakos in Bologna. They knew me and I knew them so we all wanted to do something together. You know, Susi liked the idea of doing something different from what she’s doing as a job (Awesome Adult Movies with Private and Showtime…She’s at the maximum level in the Adult industry) and I wanted to do something new as well. Susi loves her job, she does it with passion but making a movie about religion and music was something that intrigued her and Steve since the first moment. What I love of Susi’s work is the attention for the details, the styling of the female actresses, the spooky stories and locations which you never see in these kind of movies. She’s number one in what she does and Steve is also awesome. Let me mention Alex Drakos as well here since without him that movie couldn’t become reality. Lena Cova also did an amazing job, shooting naked at – 7 degrees under the snow for instance. She’s amazing. I am so proud of the work that we have done all together and that movie has now reached the 40.000 peer – to peer downloads ( it has thousands on streams on Susi’s website as well) and more that 1500 DVDs sent out to media and people. If one day I will work again with Susi and Steve we will make something incendiary…Something never seen before! I hope so!

 Speaking about the genre, which are the main genres the label focuses on?
Our label concept is not based on a music genre but on the quality of the music that we release. An insane attention to the bands’ image, visul tools and communication. I like everything if it’s done right and if it transfers me emotions. It could be Ambient Jazz (Shadowdream), mainstream rock (Agharti, Ashes To Ashes), Thrash Metal (Sublime Eyes or Sanctrum) or Technical Death metal (Mechanical God Creation) just to give you concrete examples. They keyword is : modern. Everything which sounds and looks contemporary it’s good for us, unless you are Christian Death with Rozz on vocals and Rikk on Guitars, then it’s a different thing, you can even sound 100 years old, we will release it anyway.


What is Opera Core? Two bands had to deal with it: first Crysalys then Norhod.
Opera Core is a name / brand that repesents a sound concept. The requirements to join the Opera Core roster are very strict: the singer needs to have a degree in opera singing, the songs have to be epic and apocalyptic and the sound is mainly created by the incredible mixes of Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy). Oviously if one day a band will have a record which sounds like the albums that Chris is mixing we will consider it, but atm he’s the only one which has been able to reach what Opera Core needs to exist and continue. We are now in a talk with a new band to join the roster. I bet they will make it, as their music is epic.

To be honest, since I’ve heard about WormHoleDeath last year, I’ve discovered new bands, some of them became my favorite bands and have killer albums, to mention a few: Dark, The Way Of Purity, Worstenemy, Sanctrum, Tearless, Excruciation, Mycelia, etc, from some I am waiting the new releases, what are your most favorite bands/releases?
I am so glad that you have some favourite releases in our catalogue but obviusly I don’t have any. I am so proud of what I do with all our bands that I have no favourite whatever. All bands/albums are the same to me. They may represent different moments or moods, have different results but I don’t care, they are all part of me.

Do different websites, magazines or other labels help with promoting the label, any collaborations?
Yes of course. We have thousands of media partners and we cooperate with them all!

What other future plans do you have with WormHoleDeath?
We are still struggling to get the american office started, this is what we need now to jump to the next level. We need a great partner in the States and I am focuesd on that atm…Obviously while doing my work.

To end this interview, what message do you have for the bands, readers maybe?
I would thank all our artists, partners, media, friends for the everyday support and trust us with such a great patience. A huge thank you goes to my team.

It was my pleasure having this interview, thank you once again Carlo. Wish you good luck with the label and hope there will be more new deals, more cool bands. Cheers!
Thank you Carla. Good luck. May the strength of nature be with you forever!

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